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02.04.2020 15:15

The Aicher compactors

High-performance waste compactors by Max Aicher are used by municipal waste management plants for many years now.


Based on this experience, a new compactor has been constructed which combines the unique features of the earlier models with the demands of the future.


Space and energy savings: The days of high energy consumers belong to the past, also in the field of waste management. The new Max Aicher compactors combine power and robustness with an intelligent, compact construction and low energy consumption. The newly designed compactor is equipped with only four hydraulic actuators.


Ready for use anywhere: The well-known principle of "Plug & Play" has also found an application in the new compactor. All you need to do is to position the compactor in the right place and connect it to the power line. The complete assembly and commissioning takes place in the manufacturing plant which helps to cut down on the expensive local installation works.


High performance and cleanliness: The new compactors are designed to compress all types of municipal and bulky waste. Waste from a maximum of four waste trucks is pressed into one container. The new cutting edge eliminates any problems with handling of bulky waste. The improved sealing system guarantees to maintain a clean area between the compactor and the container.


Heavy-duty and durable: There's one thing that all users of Max Aicher compactors share with each other - satisfaction! The new compactors are characterized by maximum power and an exceptionally heavy-duty construction, which guarantees optimum results. The wear parts are innovative and easily to be replaced.


A compactor must work under any conditions.
This is the quality yardstick of the new Max Aicher compactors.