MW Unloading
23.01.2021 20:20

The long-distance waste transportation system is an excellent system

The fully loaded waste containers are transported by rail or road from the waste transfer station directly to a mechanical-biological treatment plant, a recycling plant or for instance to an incineration plant.


In the latter case, the containers are lifted off the freight wagons or trucks by crane and placed on a carriage on the unloading platform. The carriage brings the container directly to the waste opening of the waste bunker. Equipped with a pusher system, it empties the container within minutes.


Waste can also be unloaded directly from the transportation vehicles, for example, at landfills.


It usually takes about 3 minutes to unload a container with a capacity of 22 tons of waste into a bunker for intermediate storing. The Max Aicher system also facilitates the waste unloading directly into the combustion chamber of an incineration furnace. In that case the emptying process is driven by the combustion requirements. Stable conditions, smooth transfer of waste and elimination of heat fluctuations ensure an optimum incineration performance.


Insects, fire hazard and odours during temporary storage of waste belong to the past.


From the moment waste is pressed into the containers to the moment it is emptied, waste does not leave the closed system.