The Waste Pro » Max Aicher Bischofswerda
23.01.2021 21:31

Eco-friendly and high-performance -
Max Aicher waste compactors and containers

The requirements of modern and ecological waste management were recognized early on by Max Aicher.

For years, the company has been consistently placing emphasis on intelligent waste logistics systems. The concept is both simple and brilliant - optimum thermal utilization of unrecyclable waste requires big, centralized incineration plants accepting large volumes of waste.


For example the Waste Recycling Plant in Schwandorf (Bavaria) has been using the reliable Max Aicher long-distance waste transportation system ever since its start-up in 1983. Waste from twelve Bavarian districts are collected by mobile compactor trucks and pressed into containers in transfer stations. The containers are then transported to the central plant in Schwandorf.


The waste volume is reduced by up to 75% through compression. Standard containers can be transported over long distances by both road and rail. This not only increases the profitability of the incineration plant, but is also favourable to the environment.


The solution can help eliminate thousands of rides, providing safe temporary storage of waste, without causing odour irritations.


Max Aicher has built more than 30 waste transfer stations, dozens of waste compactors and over a thousand containers. The company's experience on one hand and the demands of the future, lead Max Aicher to combine well-proven
advantages with the new requirements.


This is how the new Aicher compactors were created. They combine the well known reliability, the shear endless durability, huge compaction force and convenient operation with lower energy consumption, greater mobility, customizability and optimum power exploration.


This system makes Max Aicher the perfect partner in the organization of long-distance transportation of any type of waste.