23.01.2021 19:35

Waste stored in containers - clean and hygienic

The MC30 and MC20 containers, that are compatible with the new compactors also, complete the current Max Aicher long-distance waste transportation system.


Containers fit exactly to the compactors, while their handling is standardized. The transport is carried out by regular hook-lift trucks or cranes for ISO containers. They are equipped with a roll-off device according to DIN 30722 or corner fittings, according to DIN 15190 B6 for crane loading.


An essential feature of the waste container is its circular cross-section which - unlike square cross-sections - prevents widely waste jamming and ensures trouble-free emptying. The elegant, round shape is an intelligent and unique solution. The cylinder, being a perfect geometrical body, combines high mechanical stability with low weight. It minimizes corrodibility due to a smooth outer and inner surface without any additional stiffening. This guarantees not only an aesthetical appearance, but also maximum loading capacity.


The containers, just as the new compactors are manufactured in Germany to the customers' individual requirements. First, the customer selects the transportation mode, i.e., road or rail. Then the container length is determined. The third step involves taking into account any specific requirements, material or design. For example, in the case of moist waste, the container can be equipped with additional sealing.